Hi, I'm Paweł.

I'm a software engineer hailing from Poland. I've been doing this for a living for over 16 years now. I'm a polyglot programmer, though I mostly code in Ruby and Kotlin these days.

I'm obsessed with birds, hiking, and nature photography. Check out some recent finds in photos.

What's happening

By day, I lead a team of developers creating cutting-edge social data analytics at Measure Studio. If you've got no idea what that means, but you've got a social media presence, my contact info is below - let's talk!

I also built and used to run Planet Golang, an unopinionated, unfiltered Golang news aggregator. Since September 2023, Tomáš Urbanec took over as host and maintainer.

Recent blogs

Recent photos

Mobile users beware! These are can be several megabytes each.

Contact me

You can talk to me via:

Or find me elsewhere on the web:


Hero image by David Mark from Pixabay.

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