Saturday Project: GalaxyQuest - fuzzily searching github stars

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Okay, Thursday project. It’s my day off this week, what can I do.

I’m still on this Vue.js kick, so while studying Components, I built myself a little app.

GalaxyQuest is a very simple app, again. It hooks into the GitHub API and asks for a list of a particular user’s starred repositories. It then makes a list out of those and displays them.

The “killer feature” here is that the list can be searched fuzzily - similar to how CtrlP works for vim, or Ctrl+T works in Sublime Text and Atom. This is achieved by using fuse.js with a minimal custom config.

You can view a working demo here, and the whole project is at paweljw/galaxyquest.

The Road Ahead

There’s tons of room for improvement!

For one, all the logic is currently in the Vue.js components, and that seems very messy to me. I should totally refactor the app, move logic into service objects, and throw some sense into the CSS for the components.

There’s currently also a limit of 100 stars per user. GitHub API pages it’s responses, and I ran out of time to make/use a proper API client and pull down all the starred repos.

Finally, I’m not completely happy how fuse.js works; for example, typing in “neovim” while looking at my repos will pull up both ‘neovim’ and ‘vim-fugitive’, which instinctively feels to me like “not how it should work”. Maybe I’ll try my hand at fuzzy searching “my way” sometime soon (though probably not with JavaScript).

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