Saturday Project: Monster Hunting with Vue.js

I’m studying Vue.js right now - here’s a simple app that I made in the process.

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Saturday Project: Alien Generator in JavaScript

I’ve been studying ES6 a lot lately. Here’s a fun little project that we can do with it over an hour or so on a Saturday: an alien generator!

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How Many Cats Does It Take to Eat a Human?

Once again, the love of my life took to asking me weird questions. This time, the question is: how many cats does it take to eat a human?

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A Cup of Coins, Revisited

It all started out simple, really: I’ve been watching some cartoon - I think it was something in The Penguins of Madagascar series - with my fiancee, Magda, and something to the effect of “I’d like to borrow a cup of coins” was uttered in the show. She looked to me and said jokingly, “I’ll buy a cup of coins off you for 1 PLN”.

I’ve been looking long and hard to turn a profit on this hypothetical sale.

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Ultrasonic theremin

I’ve been wanting to construct an instrument in the spirit of a theremin for quite a while. Of course, I have neither the skills to construct a proper theremin, nor the time to master them. What I do have is an Arduino board, some sensors and a couple of spare parts.

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