Saturday project: temperature and humidity meter with Onion Omega2+

Quick thing I threw together in about an hour: an IoT temperature and humidity meter!

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Saturday Project: GalaxyQuest - fuzzily searching github stars

Okay, Thursday project. It’s my day off this week, what can I do.

I’m still on this Vue.js kick, so while studying Components, I built myself a little app.

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Saturday Project: Monster Hunting with Vue.js

I’m studying Vue.js right now - here’s a simple app that I made in the process.

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Saturday Project: Alien Generator in JavaScript

I’ve been studying ES6 a lot lately. Here’s a fun little project that we can do with it over an hour or so on a Saturday: an alien generator!

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Ultrasonic theremin

I’ve been wanting to construct an instrument in the spirit of a theremin for quite a while. Of course, I have neither the skills to construct a proper theremin, nor the time to master them. What I do have is an Arduino board, some sensors and a couple of spare parts.

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